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About Me


I have over 25 years experience in building and running software companies. I have designed and implemented a variety of commercial software products during my career. I was a senior architect for the ShareFile division of Citrix for 3 years, helping make ShareFile one of the most successful file sharing products in the world. I have also co-founded and built several startups, including Byte Squared, a company, which created a Microsoft Office clone iOS app, which attracted over 11 million users.

In recent years, I have increasingly focused on helping investors, founders, CEOs and other CTOs in all aspects of creating, growing, running and exiting technology businesses.

  • Performed a number of in-depth technology due diligences and health checks for several high-profile investors, identifying risks and areas of improvement and making detailed, actionable recommendations for the investors and companies.

  • Fully designed and oversaw the development of a global lottery app and back-end services. Implemented full reference platform (back-end and front-end logic) to ensure efficiency and accuracy of production solution.

  • Currently advising a number of startups, existing businesses and teams within global organisations to ensure best-practice design, implementation and processes.

  • I was invited by LMarks / Lloyds of London to mentor on their Lloyds Labs innovation startup programme. The advice I gave was implemented and provided a number of business and technical benefits.

  • 25 years experience as a co-founder and startup entrepreneur in a CTO role in a variety of companies.

  • Architected and implemented a number of complex, industry grade software systems. These include:

    • Workteam; a full stack Meteor-based HR SaaS product.

    • OfficeTalk; a multi-user, distributed CRM solution.

    • Office Squared; a Microsoft Office compatible editor for iOS devices.

    • WorkgroupMail; a fully-featured mail server based on RFC standards (SMTP, POP3, IMAP & LDAP).

  • Responsible for architecture of Citrix’s ShareFile SaaS and mobile products and for guiding development teams to avoid pitfalls. Advisor to CEO & VP level product decision makers and member of the Citrix-wide architecture team.

  • Consultant to investors to help them make informed decisions on technology business investments (pre and post-investment).

  • Advisor to founders, CEOs and CTOs in a multitude of areas relating to creating and growing a technology business.

  • Mentor to technology startups.

  • Fluency in many software languages and platforms, including C/C++, C#/.Net, Objective-C/iOS, Java, Typescript, Meteor, Angular2.

  • Deep knowledge of various cloud technologies including AWS & Azure.

  • Very experienced using all manner of 3rd party services required to build and run a technology business.

  • Advising investors, founders, CEOs, CTOs and other board-level executives on all levels of technology related areas.

  • Several years' experience managing technology teams.

  • A technology influencer at Citrix, with the ability to communicate vision at all levels of an organisation, from CEO to developer.

  • Growing technology teams, from defining job specifications to screening, interviewing and recruiting.

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