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Whatever stage you are at in your career or business, by working with me as your software business technology coach, even for just a few hours a month, I can help you achieve your goals more rapidly and robustly.


Because I have spent over 30 years building software products and businesses from scratch and taken them all the way to exit, I have experienced many of the multitude of decisions and problems that you face now and will face in the future. I have also learned industry best practices and developed my own techniques to maximise efficiency and the quality of my output (and of the business itself).


There are many many steps to creating and growing a software or technology reliant company. I can help you identify these steps, if, when and how to approach and take them.


If you are not 100% confident of everything your software business needs to be born, grow and thrive and everything you need to know and do yourself then please reach out for a free, no obligation, initial consultation so that we can work out together if I can help you.

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