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For CTOs

If you are a CTO, whatever your level of experience, there still may be areas that you require help with. This can be from early on in a project when design and technology choices are made, through to changes to technology or processes in an existing solution.

I am flexible in my approach, so, whether you need regular mentoring, ad-hoc strategy validation or just an extra resource to implement your plan, I can help. Below are some example services:

Strategy Consulting

Whatever the stage of your business or solution, having a sound strategy to implement your goals and objectives is critical. I can help you to formulate your strategy or validate the strategy you have developed, giving you the confidence that you are on-track.

Solution Architecture Consulting

If you are designing a new solution or changes to an existing solution then I can help you to ensure all functional and non-functional requirements are met and help to make the technical decisions about technology, people and processes.


At any stage of your career or a project, I can provide ad-hoc or regular mentoring to help you accelerate your own experience and skill acquisition. Being a CTO requires us to wear many hats so it pays in the long run to learn from the experience of others and have someone to validate your decisions, ensuring that you provide the most efficient and effective service to your business.

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