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For CEOs

Not all companies have a CTO. As a founder or CEO, you may be technical with the ability and/or experience to build product. If so, and you want to continue without a CTO then I can help with product & process strategy; navigating the multitude of decisions, pitfalls and opportunities to ensure security, quality, compliance and deliver on time and within budget. If you want (or need) a CTO then identifying and attracting the right candidate is a difficult task.

For the reasons above, I offer the following services:

Technology Strategy

I will work with you to make sure that your technology strategy is in place to ensure that your business goals are met. There are a multitude of factors that affect this which need to be taken into account. As well as demands from the business on quality, budget and time scales, there are outside factors to consider such as legal and compliance.

Hiring a CTO

As mentioned above, this critical task is not an easy one. I can work with you throughout the process, from identification of needs, through formulating the job specification, screening, interviewing to the final decision and on-boarding. This will ensure that you get the right person in place to lead your technology business.


Pre-Investment Health Check

If you are thinking about investment, IPO or sale, you are hopefully considering ensuring that your business is in order before outsiders pull apart the business and technology strategy and implementation. With experience performing technical due diligence, from both sides of the table, I can perform health checks (mini-technical due diligence) in as little or as much depth as time, money and appetite require. My flexible approach allows me to adjust focus as required to dramatically reduce the risk of red flags that would hamper, or, worst case, destroy the investment opportunity.

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