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For Investors

From the initial pitch, through the pre-investment stages to long after investment is made, as an investor, you need the confidence that the technology, people and processes on offer have the quality, security, compliance, functionality, performance and more that have been claimed. You need to ensure that best-practice processes are in place and that the technology team can deliver on the future roadmap.

All of these will increase the potential opportunity and reduce any risks, allowing possible issues to be identified early which will, in turn, allow the investment decision to be made, and problem areas to be addressed in good time.

I am flexible in my approach, working to meet your specific requirements as an investor. Below is a broad list of services that I offer and these can be tailored to suit:

Proposition Evaluation

During an initial pitch/presentation, having a technology expert involved at this early stage allows the proposition to be quickly evaluated and possible issues and gaps identified up-front. It can give you the confidence that the technology and the ability to deliver matches the promises.


After you have decided to explore investing in a proposition you may wish to do a more in-depth review of the technology, people and processes. I can perform this review to any level of detail and adjust focus as required in case some areas need more attention.

Technical Due Diligence

I can perform a full technical due diligence on the technology, processes and people. This is an in-depth examination of all technical aspects of the potential investment. The reduces risk and allows the identification of areas that may need attention post-investment.

Post-Investment Guidance and Feedback

After investment into a technology business, you need to ensure that plans remain on-track and focus areas are addressed in a timely and high-quality manner. I can provide regular feedback, as well as help the business to deliver on its promised remedial items and goals.

CTO Guidance

Inexperienced CTOs do not always have the ability to make every decision with the confidence that all implications have been considered. I have extensive experience creating and growing successful technology businesses in many sectors. This involves a myriad of critical decisions that I can guide any CTO on to help avoid pitfalls and adhere to industry best-practices.  This can be done on an ad-hoc or regular basis. The guidance can be general, ensuring that the wider picture is always considered at any time or it can be specific to a particular decision that needs to be made.

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