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Stuart Prestedge

Tech Startup Advisor & Mentor

I'm an experienced and passionate software startup specialist and technology advisor, mentor, CTO & entrepreneur. I have co-founded and been CTO of 8 companies, with 22 products and 3 exits.

I provide business and technology consulting, advising & mentoring to investors, CEOs, CTOs and businesses to help them define strategy, plan, make decisions, overcome hurdles, avoid pitfalls and more to help achieve their goals.


Advising & Mentoring

Whatever stage you are at in your career or business, by working with me as your advisor and mentor, even for just a few hours a month, I can help you achieve your goals more rapidly and robustly.

(1% of revenue donated to climate causes)

Sustainable Energy


I select a handful of people/companies that are helping our climate and offer free mentoring. Contact me for more information.

Other Services

For Investors

I help investors evaluate and steer technology business investments both pre and post-investment.

For CEOs

I advise founders and CEOs on their technology strategy relating to their solution, people and processes.

For CTOs

I work with CTOs to help implement their strategy and keep it on track, within best-practice and compliance boundaries.


“I fully recommend Stuart. Having worked with him closely at Citrix Systems [for 3 years], Stuart was a Senior Architect and eventually the overall ShareFile Chief Architect. We worked directly together under my cross-functional Product Leadership Group where he provided key technical, architectural, and strategic insight critical to the execution of the business. 

Stuart possesses a unique set of skills that make him a highly valuable asset of any cloud-based engineering group. From a technical perspective, Stuart is as good as they come, he can go deep on any technical problem, but can also drive architecture at a high-level, a critical requirement of an always-on high-scale service. Stuart is a passionate people leader who invests heavily in building strong relationships with those he leads as well as his peers. This enables him to expand his scope of influence even further as he leads through inspiration. Further, he possesses a key understanding of the evolution of our industry, allowing to work on the right problems at the right time in the right way. 

Results are paramount with Stuart and it is clear: he was a huge reason for the repeated 20+% YoY growth of ShareFile to the >$200M business it is today. We […] are envious of any organization that can have the opportunity to work with him.”

Adolfo Rodruigez
VP of ShareFile Enterprise

Citrix Systems Inc.

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